AlNiCo Alloys

AlNiCo Alloys


Despite being one of the earliest group of modern magnet materials, it’s high working temperature (550ºC) and Remanence ( Fields as high as NdFeB are possible in the correct magnetic circuits ) mean there are still extensive uses for this material as long as it’s ease of demagnetisation is taken into account at the design stage


Developed in the 1930’s this group of materials  can be produced by Casting or Sintering and in Isotropic ( Magnetised in any direction) or Anisotropic ( Axis of magnetisation determined in production and therefore stronger in that direction than Isotropic) .  As this group of materials has been around for a long time, different factories in different countries have produced similar grades with slight variations in performance so it’s usual to sample test it to make sure you get the performance you require


MagDev source from several partners and a summary of grades available can be seen on the attached pdf . We stock a range of rods,blocks and rings but it is wise to seek assistance during the concept stage of product design as other shapes and sizes can be obtained.

Shapes available in this material


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