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Coronavirus Update

Writen By: Lewis Wilson 2020-02-04 12:33:22 Pubslished In: Blog

A Note from MagDev Ltd

Many regions of China, including some areas where a portion of our suppliers are based, were notified by the Chinese Government of a mandatory extension of the New Year Holiday through 10th February 2020.


Neodymium Price Increases

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Dear Valued Customers,


China President Mr. Xi Jinping has recently visited Jiangxi Province, which is the central hub of China's heavy rare earth raw materials.

After the president's visit on this Monday 20th May, the price trend of PrNd and DyFe material prices, as shown in the attached charts, has increased significantly.


Are stronger magnets better magnets?

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You may be aware that the strongest magnets commercially available are rare earth Neodymium magnets, but are these the best magnets for your project?


Incredible things you never knew Neodymium Magnets were used for...

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In the present day, Neodymium magnets are the most widely used type of rare earth magnets available on the commercial market, but what you may not be aware of, is some of the everyday uses this type of magnet has as we take a look at some of the more obscure facts associated with Neodymium magnets.


Electric Motors and the Future of Magnets in Transport

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Take a look at how our leading custom magnets at Magdev will be helping to change the future of transport and industry...


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A journey through the history of time with magnets

The history of ferrite magnets is more intriguing than you may realise. Here at MagDev, we decided to take a look..


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MagDev Ltd are attending CWIEME, Berlin


MagDev Ltd are attending CWIEME, Berlin

We are pleased to report that we will be exhibiting at the CWIEME event in Berlin, 21-23 May 2019 in Germany. Our Sales Engineers will be ready and willing to discuss any projects or queries that we can help you with. This year will mark the 5th year for us holding a stand at this event.

‘For over 24 years, the CWIEME exhibition and conference has been at the forefront of the global electric motor, generator, transformers and EV market.’


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Introducing: David Pierce

Introducing: David Pierce

David joined the MagDev team in October of 2018 as the Sales Engineer responsible for the Northern region. He actively works with our customers to make sure all needs are met from Day 1.


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MagDev Ltd attending PCIM Europe 2019

MagDev Ltd are thrilled to be attending PCIM Europe 2019


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MagDev Hit New Heights

MagDev are thrilled to announce that we obtained the AS/EN9100 accreditation in July 2018. This huge achievement shows MagDev’s commitment to quality and customer service. 


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What are Neodymium Magnets?

Neodymium magnets have many everyday uses; find out more as we share our leading custom magnets