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What are Neodymium Magnets?

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Neodymium magnets have many everyday uses; find out more as we share our leading custom magnets 


Permanent Magnet Materials Explained

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There is a range of permanent magnet materials, and to help you on your way we take an in-depth look at what they are


Soft Magnetic Applications?

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MagDev Ltd. is a leading supplier of both permanent and soft magnetic products.

We cover a broad industry spectrum ranging across a number of different industries and the products those industries require.


Testing Soft Magnets

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In our previous blog, we explained the wide range of testing and magnetising equipment used in testing permanent magnets.

Now our focus switches to testing Soft Magnetics where we have asked our Soft Magnetics Technical Manager Andy Hayling to talk us through the process.


Testing Permanent Magnets

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At MagDev Ltd. we have a wide range of testing and magnetising equipment designed to give the customer the exact product they have ordered. Below you will find the equipment we use as well as what that equipment does.


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Our Engineers

What are the benefits of having a fully dedicated team of Sales Engineers with the capacity to travel to a clients base of operations?


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The Four Categories Of Permanent Magnets

There are four main categories when it comes to commercially available permanent magnetic materials.


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How Does It Apply?

What are the applications for permanent magnets?

There are four main categories when it comes to permanent magnets.


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Who We Are

What is MagDev Ltd?

We are a company who have been based in the large town of Swindon for the past 39 years and purchased the Unit at Kembrey Park 6 years ago. This location is ideal as it includes a large warehouse which stores the wide range of stock parts we hold, as well as an assembly department and testing facilities.


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What is FSCP?

Fully Sintered Crushed Powder, otherwise known as FSCP, is a material that is generally supplied as a fine, loose powder, which can be compounded to the customer’s own preference.


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Who Are KDM?

KDM (Zhejiang NBTM KEDA Magnetoelectricity Co. Ltd) is a leading alloy powder core manufacturer based in China. MagDev Ltd. recently became the official UK distributor of KDM’s products.