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Are stronger magnets better magnets?

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You may be aware that the strongest magnets commercially available are rare earth Neodymium magnets, but are these the best magnets for your project?


Incredible things you never knew Neodymium Magnets were used for...

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In the present day, Neodymium magnets are the most widely used type of rare earth magnets available on the commercial market, but what you may not be aware of, is some of the everyday uses this type of magnet has as we take a look at some of the more obscure facts associated with Neodymium magnets.


Electric Motors and the Future of Magnets in Transport

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Take a look at how our leading custom magnets at Magdev will be helping to change the future of transport and industry...


What are Neodymium Magnets?

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Neodymium magnets have many everyday uses; find out more as we share our leading custom magnets 


Permanent Magnet Materials Explained

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There is a range of permanent magnet materials, and to help you on your way we take an in-depth look at what they are


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Soft Magnetic Applications?

MagDev Ltd. is a leading supplier of both permanent and soft magnetic products.

We cover a broad industry spectrum ranging across a number of different industries and the products those industries require.


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Testing Soft Magnets

In our previous blog, we explained the wide range of testing and magnetising equipment used in testing permanent magnets.

Now our focus switches to testing Soft Magnetics where we have asked our Soft Magnetics Technical Manager Andy Hayling to talk us through the process.


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Testing Permanent Magnets

At MagDev Ltd. we have a wide range of testing and magnetising equipment designed to give the customer the exact product they have ordered. Below you will find the equipment we use as well as what that equipment does.


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The Four Categories Of Permanent Magnets

There are four main categories when it comes to commercially available permanent magnetic materials.


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How Does It Apply?

What are the applications for permanent magnets?

There are four main categories when it comes to permanent magnets.