Electric Motors and the Future of Magnets in Transport

In today’s blog we want to highlight the use of Permanent Magnets in electric motors and how we can help you identify which magnet is right for your specific request. 

The first commercially successful internal combustion engine was created by Étienne Lenoir around 1859.

However, it was seventeen years later, the first modern internal combustion engine was created by Nikolaus Otto (known as the Otto engine) and changed the face of industry forever.

But, 141 years later and the internal combustion engine days are numbered with environmental issues and cost highlighted as key problems.

Electric motors and revolutionary new technologies are coming to the fore and magnets have a vital role to play in the future of the world’s industry and transport.

One such revolutionary idea is the magnet powered Hyperloop. This new form of transportation system that is proposed to carry passengers in a vacuum  tube which combines a magnetic levitation train and a low-pressure transit tube and uses tunnels and pods or capsules to move from place to place.

Magnets in the Hyperloop

Magnets will be the driving force which  accelerates the Hyperloop pods. The science behind it uses powerful magnets on the skis, along with an electromagnetic pulse which will give the pods their initial boost.

Magnets act as the stator, or the part in a traditional electric motor that does not move. Rotors, the moving part, would be a moving electromagnetic coupling pulling the pods along inside the tube.

The hyperloop may be a fair few years away yet but is a key item in how times are changing and magnets are quickly playing an even more vital role in the way transportation and future industries are operated.

Make sure you watch our latest video where our technical manager for magnets, Dave Richards guides us through the other ways in which the electric motor and magnets are quickly becoming first choice leaving the internal combustion engine close to the exit door.

Dave highlights how electric powered drones and pods could be used to deliver goods into cities and thus heavily reduce pollution issues many cities around the world are facing today.

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