Alnico Pot Magnets

Alnico pot magnets are made of a strong steel casing with an alnico magnet on one face, making them the ultimate choice for gripping, clamping and fixing components together. This clamping force comes from the pot magnet’s steel casing, which concentrates the flux on the active face of the magnet, making it up to five times stronger than regular alnico magnets.

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Also known as holding magnets, alnico pot magnets come complete with fixings such as countersunk holes, allowing them to be easily attached to non-magnetic surfaces with a screw or bolt. We also engineer alnico pot magnets with hooks, cable ties and eyebolt attachments for hanging purposes.

Magnetism on alnico pot magnets is confined to one side of the magnet, which creates a powerful clamping force. Ideal for industrial applications, the pot magnet’s steel casing means it can survive ongoing impact onto a steel surface with minimal chipping or cracking over time.

Although not as strong as samarium or neodymium, alnico pot magnets have the highest operating temperature of any magnetic material, and are the only type of permanent magnet that can withstand red-hot temperatures. With a Curie temperature of 800°C and a maximum working temperature of 550°C, alnico pot magnets are essential for applications involving extreme heat. Although still brittle, alnico is also less brittle than the stronger alternatives.

We have a small selection of pot magnets available online, as well as hundreds of more options if you contact us directly. Whatever your project or industry, we’re sure to have a magnetic solution to suit. If you need something outside of our standard range, don’t worry – we also offer custom-made alnico magnets, engineered to your specifications.

Not sure what type of alnico magnet you need? Get in touch today – we offer free expert advice to all our customers, so you can be confident you’re getting the right solution for your project. Simply give us a call on +44 (0) 1793 425600 to talk to one of our expert advisors, or email your query to

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