MagDev is a Specialist Supplier of Soft and Hard Magnetic Components to Various Global Market Sectors


Markets Served but not limited to

Military Medical Audio Industrial Test & measurement
Aerospace Marine Lighting Security Consumer Electronics
Automotive Oil & Gas Telecoms Computing Winding Houses
Rail Renewables Power White Goods Food & Beverage

Soft Magnetic Applications

SMPS Lighting Ballast Typical Wound Components
EMI/RFI Security Tags Transformers Inductors
Filters Induction heating Power Signal CMC DMC
Tuned circuits Flux Concentrators Current Pulse Precision High Q
Transducers Ferrite loaded Polymers Broadband RF AC Choke DC Choke

Permanent Magnet Applications

Generators Lifting/Holding Non-Contact Switching Separating
Electric Motors Moving/Driving Sensing/Measuring Ditch Magnets
Speaker Magnets Labelling/Marking Filtering Debris Collection
MRI/NMR Latching Focussing Pigs