Permanent Magnets

MagDev Ltd can supply all commercially available Permanent Magnetic Materials (NdFeB , SmCo , Ferrite , AlNiCo with Bonded variations also available) for all your applications ( Lifting, Sensing, Filtering and Motors/Generators/Speakers) . We have extensive stocks and so we may even have the shape and size you require.

Not sure which material you want? Follow our "Material Selection Guide" before moving on to the more detailed description of each material below. If you'r still not clear give our team a call and let them talk you through your requirement.

Having selected your Magnet why not let our Technical team improve the whole system and even build the assembly for you.

Pot magnets can pull 5 times what a plain magnet can with the advantage of protection for the brittle magnet material and easier ways of fixing the magnet

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