Samarium Colbalt Magnets

Sintered Samarium Colbalt Magnets

Samarium Colbalt Magnets


This material offers high resistance to corrosion and combine higher working temperatures with a lower loss per ⁰C than Neodymium Iron Boron at about 80% the strength.

Since development in the 1970’s many grades have evolved in both Sm₁Co₅ ( Working Temperature 250 ⁰C ) and Sm₂Co₁₇ (Working Temperature 300 ⁰C ) offering various Energy Products (18-32MGOe) with different levels of Magnetising Force required. Nickel Coatings can be applied when they are to be used in vacuums but are not required for corrosion protection as there is no Iron content to rust.

MagDev Ltd Source from several partners allowing us to offer a variety of grades as seen on the attached pdf. We stock a range of discs,blocks and rings but it is wise to seek assistance during the concept stage of product design as other shapes and sizes can be obtained.

Shapes available in this material


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