Sintered Ferrite Magnets

Soft Ferrites

Sintered Ferrite (SrO6Fe2O3)


Sintered Ferrite provides the most cost effective magnet solution if your magnetic application does not need the power of Rare Earth Magnets( Ferrite is roughly a tenth of the strength of NdFeB )

Developed in the 1950’s Ferrite allowed stable, corrosion free thin magnets to be offered for the first time up to working temperatures of 250ºC and is widely used in applications such as Filters, Tranducers, Seperators and Holding devices . Isotropic Grades (Y8T C1) even allow multiple poles to be put around the circumference of a ring for motor and sensing applications ( in conjunction with Reed and Hall effect devices ). And Arcs are widely used in cheap Motors

MagDev source from several partners and a summary of grades available can be seen on the attached pdf sintered ferrite grades. We stock a range of discs,blocks and rings but it is wise to seek assistance during the concept stage of product design as other shapes and sizes can be obtained.

Shapes available in this material

Other Forms of Ferrite Magnets


Ferrite powder can be introduced into a variety of mediums to make addtional useful products . For instance when introduced into a rubber resin , Flexible Magnetic sheets and tapes can be produce for use in Signage and novelty items such as Fridge Magnets . Or alternatively if large quantities of intricate shapes are required cheaply you can introduce the powder into an injection moulded plastic ( Call MagDev for advise )

Soft Ferrites